Saturday, January 5, 2008 - Quick FAQ on domain issue

Is shutting down?
No. We'll be back online shortly.

What happened?
A complication regarding the renewal process of the domain for We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Will be online at the same URL again?
Yes, it will be at the same url,

Can you make sure that this won't happen in future?
Please be assured that this will never happen again, and we will take all steps necessary.

Why is my blog redirecting?
Due to the nature of the error, some if not all blogs are redirecting to a placeholder site. This is not intended, and usual service will resume shortly.

How soon until the error is resolved?
For most, the error should be resolved within an hour from time of posting. Worst case (for international users), 24 hours.

Can I still check out my account details or access
Yes, you can use (this is the beta login for Advertlets 2.0 and is mostly functional). Subdomains for are still functional, however, the main domain is affected.

Or, you can edit your hosts file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (no file extension). Open up the file in notepad and put in this line:

(Note that this is only a temporary fix)

Does this affect my current cashouts?
No, payments will be sent as usual.


QiQi said...

I'll be waiting.. Let's just hope you will never forget to renew the domain again in the coming future. My advise to you is: Please do not wait till Monday to pay up. Everyone (advertisers and publishers) will be very disappointed if it's still not up by tomorrow (Sunday).

Josh Lim said...

Apologies, there was a complication regarding the renewal. The issue should be settled by later today.

Collin Yeo said...

How do I remove the javascript?

I can't even access my blog and "Page Element" (Blogger)

Josh Lim said...

Hi Collin, you need to login to Blogger to make the changes. What issue are you facing?

lemon.icious said...

Hi. Personally, i've been left really disappointed by this terrible mistake Advertlets had made.

I've always been a proud supporter of Advertlets and although I do not carry Advertlets ads exclusively, I've always preferred its nature of advertisements, its user-friendly navigation, and how the cash has been rolling in for me. I've even recommended many of my other blogger friends to utilise Advertlets instead of your closest competition rival, and I must say, this mistake Advertlets made is beyond what I would have expected of it.

I do hope that the site would be back up real shortly. May I enquire whether there will be any compensation for our losses and vice versa? Thank you so much.

Josh Lim said...

lemon.icious: Even as we are resolving the problem now we are also already discussing compensation. We are aware of the seriousness of the matter and aim to find a solution that would work well for all.

dele said...

Hey Josh

Hope u get the Advertlets thing up and running fast!! Was pretty shock when i saw all my blogs redirecting to the adbaaz today!!

It was a pain removing all the Advertlets code!!

Hope u get it moving again soon!

:) dele

lemon.icious said...

Thank You very much for your prompt reply! =) Despite it all, I will still continue to use Avertlets and I am looking forward to having the site up and running again. Thanks!