Saturday, January 5, 2008 : Service Update

Service has been restored in the following areas as reported by our members:

Genting, MY (ISP: TM Net)
Johor, MY (ISP: TM Net)
Kuala Terengganu, MY (ISP: TM Net)
Damansara, MY (ISP: TM Net)
Indonesia (ISP: PT Telkom)
Singapore (

For Malaysian Users: We have been informed that Jaring has picked up the DNS transfer and TM Net should follow shortly with the new DNS settings for all areas.

So far 8,000 unique users from Malaysia have been able to see the site/ads without issue since midnight yesterday, and 1,766 unique users from Singapore. We are doing everything we can to restore service to all. - Domain Transfer Successful

Please be advised that the domain transfer has been successful. If you do not still do not see ads appearing as they should, or the main website not displaying, do follow the instructions below.

We will update further on this when we have fully resolved the issue.

Temporary Fix For Domain Name Issue #2

For Windows users:

Press Start
Click "Run"
Type "cmd"
A DOS prompt will appear.
Type ipconfig /flushdns
This will flush the DNS resolver cache to reflect the new DNS settings. - Partial Service Available In Certain Areas

Hi, So far some readers from Klang, Malaysia and Kuching, East Malaysia have reported that their service is back to normal. Visitors from Singapore and KL, Malaysia are still facing issues. Please know that we are working on this and are continuing to fix the problems to fully resolve this issue. Domain Issue Partially Resolved

Hi, as some of you are aware of we are facing an issue with our domain name. The issue has now been partially resolved. If the error has been resolved (or you are still facing the error) - please leave a comment (with your country and area if possible), so we know which areas are not facing the problem anymore.

Please also see:

Temporary Fix for Domain Issue

Hi, we are aware of the current issue regarding the domain name, and we have already taken action to resolve the problem. However, DNS changes take time to propogate. Should you wish to have immediate access to the website and widgets on your computer, you can use the following instructions to resolve the domain successfully. Please note that other visitors to your blog may not have the same results. DNS changes come into affect at different times on different international locations.

You can edit your hosts file:
Open up notepad.
Open this file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (no file extension).
Add this line in after other lines:

We are aware this is a temporary fix and the permanent solution as well as full service will be back online shortly at - Quick FAQ on domain issue

Is shutting down?
No. We'll be back online shortly.

What happened?
A complication regarding the renewal process of the domain for We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Will be online at the same URL again?
Yes, it will be at the same url,

Can you make sure that this won't happen in future?
Please be assured that this will never happen again, and we will take all steps necessary.

Why is my blog redirecting?
Due to the nature of the error, some if not all blogs are redirecting to a placeholder site. This is not intended, and usual service will resume shortly.

How soon until the error is resolved?
For most, the error should be resolved within an hour from time of posting. Worst case (for international users), 24 hours.

Can I still check out my account details or access
Yes, you can use (this is the beta login for Advertlets 2.0 and is mostly functional). Subdomains for are still functional, however, the main domain is affected.

Or, you can edit your hosts file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (no file extension). Open up the file in notepad and put in this line:

(Note that this is only a temporary fix)

Does this affect my current cashouts?
No, payments will be sent as usual.

Update -

The domain issue is currently being resolved, and should be back online shortly. - Fixing the problem

Just a quick note to let all of you know that yes, we are aware of the domain issue and are working to quickly resolve this. Service should be back in an hour or less.